About The Bryan Company

For almost 37 years, The Bryan Company & Mid South Development, L.L.C., have been developing, constructing, and managing commercial and residential properties throughout the Mid-Southern region of the United States. Since it was founded in 1977, The Bryan Company has put up more than 9,000 single-family homes and multifamily units, along with condominiums, multi-residential communities, residential lots, and light commercial properties. Dedicated to building homes of the utmost quality and affordability, the company’s management team oversees each phase of construction, selecting the best materials and the most energy-efficient features available. The management team at The Bryan Company works closely with architects, owners, and other project members to design homes that are attractive, affordable, and structurally sound. The company also installs environmentally friendly features.

The Bryan Company’s talented and experienced senior management team is headed by Steve Bryan, who serves as Director of Operations and Chief Executive Officer. As Chief Financial Officer, Greg Murphey, experienced in accounting in both the private and public sectors, directs and monitors all financing and operations. Becky Bryan serves as Vice President of Marketing, and coordinates subcontractors, architects, suppliers, and landscape planners to develop finished products that will appeal to customers. Doris Warren fulfills the roles of Officer Manager and Insurance Manager, and Anna Young holds the position of Property Manager, responsible for maintaining the efficient operation of all properties.

In developing a property, The Bryan Company works closely with the architect, owner, and other project members to form a comprehensive budget that considers all development, such as land development, permits, construction costs, soft costs, and equipment.


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